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Remote Mail Scanning

Email has transformed how we communicate with others at home, in the office, down the street and around the globe, and has become as integral to business communications as the phone and fax.

Unfortunately, this revolutionary communications tool is under constant attack, with its delivery routes polluted each day by billions of unsolicited messages ranging from the merely annoying to the truly dangerous. The cost to businesses worldwide in dealing with spam and malicious email threats has reached billions of dollars annually.

What would happen if your email server went down right now? Where would the messages trying to reach your server go? Would they bounce back to the original sender or just vanish into cyberspace? What about when one of your mail servers is blacklisted due to viruses and malware? Email is a primary function of almost all businesses today and without it working correctly, it causes businesses to come to a halt. Don’t let this happen to your business.

Following is a quick checklist to see if your email infrastructure is at risk:

  • Is your email being scanned before it comes into your mail server?
  • How well is it protected?
  • Are you able to retrieve your mail in the case of a system failure?

If you answered ‘no‘ to any of the above, you should seriously revise your email management plan.

How can Alura help?

We have designed a service called MXShield to provide full off-site email scanning for malware/viruses, blacklist protection and remote storage for when your server goes offline. Your email will be securely waiting for you once your server is back online.

How Does MXShield Work?

Alura’s MXShield offers robust managed online security services that effectively protect businesses against corporate-wide email and Web threats. With threats growing daily in volume and severity, advanced, proactive technology is vital.

  • Advanced, accurate and up-to-the-minute hands-on email monitoring to detect and defend against spam, viruses, worms
  • Sophisticated Internet surveillance to track Web-based threats
  • Proactive, 24-hour network protection
  • Analytical expertise to fine-tune filtering and Web defense techniques to ensure proactive security

Intelligence at the core of our Web Defense Service

As threats grow in number and complexity, our team of experienced Web security experts can protect against even the most sophisticated and stealthy threats. At the foundation of our Web Defense Service is a dedicated staff that blocks spyware, viruses and phishing attacks before they can infiltrate your business.

In combination with our Web defense technology, MXShield:

  • Protects the entire network, including remote users
  • Provides continuous updates to protect against the latest threats
  • Delivers reliable around-the-clock service and support

Rewriting the filtering rules to address shifting threats

By monitoring streaming data and completing up-to-the-minute research, we are able to:

  • Incorporate the latest virus, worm and spam attack information into its databases
  • Rewrite its filtering rules to capture the new threats
  • Capture data, like spam fingerprints that contain the URLs of suspected spammers, and then blocks the suspicious URLs
  • Update the heuristics and loads them into the system in order to more effectively separate good email from bad email
  • Collect and systematically loads third-party distributed anti-virus and anti-worm update

Email Security

  • Advanced spam blocking
  • Triple virus and worm scanning
  • Content and attachment filtering
  • Email attack protection
  • Fraud protection
  • MXShield Message Continuity
  • Sophisticated, spam quarantine
  • Group policies management
  • 24×7 threat monitoring and protection
  • Outbound message filtering
  • MXShield Intelligent Routing

Web Security

  • Anti-spyware scanning
  • Anti-virus scanning
  • Anti-phishing protection
  • URL filtering
  • Safe Search protection
  • Peer-to-peer site blocking
  • Streaming media site blocking
  • Group policies management
  • IP and user-level authentication
  • 24×7 threat monitoring and protection

Message Archiving

  • Unlimited storage
  • Secure data transport and storage
  • Transactional data acquisition
  • Mail source health monitoring
  • 24×7 online or phone Customer Support Services

Email Problems?

Having issues with your MXShield service? Give us a call at 215-721-1122 or click here to fill out a support request.

Pricing and Managed Services

Our MXShield service is built into our manager service options. If you are interested in our services, click here to find out more.