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Monitoring and Maintenance

Alura’s Managed Services program is designed to give you a full time IT staff for a fraction of the cost of hiring additional IT staff or paying for expensive onsite support. This annual maintenance program is a cost-effective solution that gives you access to our technical resources 24/7/365.

Pay a flat monthly fee for each network device (server, workstation, router, switch or firewall) and receive proactive monitoring and maintenance that will keep your network highly available.

All levels of Managed Services Program include:

  • Access to 24/7/365 technical resources and skilled engineers.
  • Remote monitoring of your network devices.
  • Management of your Microsoft Servers and workstations.
  • Monitor that all approved patches are installed and working properly.
  • Monitor network devices and log any events as trouble tickets which are sent to Managed Solution Helpdesk.

Why is this important to you?

Networks can become unstable over time if proper maintenance is not performed. When a failure does occur, network downtime causes loss of employee productivity and costs employers thousands of dollars in lost revenues.

By using Alura’s Managed Services program, network failures are minimized. This is achieved using our proprietary monitoring software that ensures that all patches, updates and upgrades have been applied thereby providing you with the most stable and available network infrastructure. We also proactively monitor for possible future problems such as anti-virus definitions, disk space utilization and other anomalies that can cause network downtime. Our team of highly trained engineers proactively responds to these events and mitigates the issue to ensure maximum uptime for your IT infrastructure.

Our Managed Services program allows companies access to high-level engineers that work on various types of network situations every day. Companies leverage our expertise and knowledge base to provide cross platform support for their network infrastructure, all for an easily budgeted monthly fee. We make it easy for companies to get started with Managed Services by selecting just a few critical network devices, or the entire network to be monitored and maintained. We offer multiple levels of service from alerts & trouble-ticketing to fully out-sourced help desk and on-site service.

NetAlert – Managed Services Solutions

Our Managed Services solutions includes our award winning NetAlert Remote Monitoring software. Our software monitors your network devices 24 hours a day and reports back to our expert network administrators when issues arise. It also provides Patch Management for your Microsoft servers and workstations.

Our Managed Services solutions are for customers that may or may not have an IT staff that can handle problems without any remote or on-site support, or for budget sensitive customers that prefer Time and Materials engineering support in case of problems. Alura monitors your network devices and logs any events as trouble tickets that are then sent to our customer’s staff for remediation. Alura’s team of skilled engineers is available 24/7/365 to assist our customer requests. We also monitor to ensure that all customer approved patches are installed and working properly. This allows our customer to focus on their core ROI of the business rather than the routine network/computer issues and monitoring.

Remediation from our Helpdesk includes call logging and Level I / Level II troubleshooting by our certified engineers. The Helpdesk uses a populated knowledge base of the latest hardware and software information specific to your needs. Frontline support engineers are familiar with your unique network and attempt to resolve the incident at the initial contact. This program significantly reduces the demands on your staffs’ time as our support is offered 24/7/365. Sometimes problems require on-site engineering support due hardware failures, complexity of the issue, or even to reboot devices that are not reachable remotely. When issues like this occur, we are able to react immediately without any contract or budget constraints.

For more information on our Managed Service solutions or our NetAudit report please call 215-721-1122 and ask to speak with a Alura representative.

NetAudit – Network Audit Solutions

Having issues with your network and your current IT just can’t figure out the problem? Alura offers the power of its NetAlert software in a network audit form. Alura’s NetAudit service allows us to come in and take a snapshot of your network and document all problems. Alura reviews your network security and provides you with a Security Assessment Report of our scope, security vulnerabilities, and recommendations to secure your systems. Our Security Action Plan Report provides a prioritized risk response executive summary of tasks that eliminate or reduce your risks.

We’ve been 100% successful in finding threats that others have missed. At Alura, our goal is to make sure you’re protected on every front. That’s why we’re the only firm that can offer unsurpassed assurance that we will find security risks that others have missed. Click below to find out more about our NetAudit services!

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