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Managed Solutions

Alura Business Solutions offers a wide range of on-site technical service solutions that are designed to meet each client’s individual needs. These can range from Project Management to Deployment Services for small to large enterprises. Our managed service contracts are set up to ensure managed support no matter what time, day or night. These solutions include multiple points of contact, in addition to our Tier 1 helpdesk support.

What You Get The foresight and experience in the deployment of various product lines is vital to the success of your organization. Alura understands this and takes the practice of its integration services seriously. That is why our clients continue to return to us when it is time to deploy new equipment and applications across their networks. We bring a precision approach to all of our projects ensuring that a completely successful deployment is achieved. Our team of certified engineers and technicians are deployment specialists. Their specialty training ensures your systems are fully functional and manageable before they consider that their job is done.

A “Managed Solution” provides a turnkey approach to your technology and application implementations. Alura is a proven resource for getting your deployment done the first time, without the cost of down time or rollbacks. Our experience in large-scale implementation and migration projects on a wide-range of platforms makes our expertise your ally. Following a successful deployment, the system and network administration is returned to your in-house personnel or ours! Should you choose our ability to maintain your systems and networks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a complete Managed Solution.

What is Managed Services?

Managed Services allows Alura to consult in a global capacity to ensure the reliability and stability of Customer Information Systems on a fixed-fee monthly contract basis. Since companies face increasing reliability needs and dependency on their Information Systems, the IT Provider industry is shifting towards a more proactive model, Managed Services.

What are the benefits of Managed Services?

Managed Services allows you to:

  • Budget and control your consultation costs.
  • Avoid most unplanned and costly project and labor expenses – including upcoming technology changes such as Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 upgrades.
  • Split large expenditures and technology projects over years.
  • Free your organization and staff from many technology decisions.
  • Enjoy more network services and features that corporations with large IT departments are currently utilizing.
  • Worry-Free contact with Alura without per incident/travel charges or time based bills.
  • Have inclusive access, as a standard, to secure and environmentally friendly disposal of your old technology equipment at no additional charge.

Managed Services helps us to:

  • Consistently maintain a proactive mindset and strive for ways to improve your IT systems.
  • Pool our resources together much more efficiently by working together on issues with less time concerns.
  • Perform most upgrades without typical time consuming meetings and staff discussions.
  • Perform scheduled maintenance at times which are convenient to your organization and staff.
  • Provide a more stable operating environment, more standardized response, and improved customer relations.

Response Time

Our guaranteed emergency response time with a Managed Service contract is two (2) hours during normal business hours and four (4) hours after normal business hours and weekends. However, we will make every attempt to respond immediately for any emergency situation. Non-emergency events are typically addressed within 24 hours depending upon severity. Additionally, we have established procedures and protocols for Proactive Monitoring of systems, which allows us to minimize downtime and increase response time.

Support Request Protocols and Assignment

Support can be obtained via e-mail or phone. Phone support is obtained by calling our office, and e-mail support is obtained via e-mail to Our goal is to provide the quickest service possible. Our CRM system allows us to fully document your account and provides the ability for any technician from our office to address issues. After hours and emergency support is available for our customers and pages a calling rotation of our highly skilled staff.

Alura’s Partners

Alura's Partners