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Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

As a company, are you prepared for disasters, pandemics and other catastrophes that can possibly disrupt your business? Do you have a plan to keep your organization running as well as assist in the recovery of your business due to an unforeseen interruption in operations?

Alura’s Business Continuity Planning service will provide the necessary confidence to mitigate any potential business disruption, whether a physical disaster, health related pandemic or more likely local causes such as fire, flooding, power loss or inaccessible office space.

Alura will create a customized plan using a phased project methodology in which we:

  • Create the foundation for a successful planning project
  • Identify plan requirements and data
  • Provide continuity and recovery strategies
  • Create the documentation in a readily accessible and useable format for quick reference in the event of an emergency
  • Train employees in how to implement and utilize the plan
  • Provide tools to maintain the plan as your company grows and changes

Disasters and emergencies occur at a moment’s notice. Having a contingency plan with emergency procedures is critical to ensure your business continues to operate during those difficult times. Call us today to improve your risk management and stay in business, at 215-721-1122.

Alura has more than 20 years of continuity planning expertise and know-how; and is a leading expert in business continuity management. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Emergency Services

Emergencies happen and we know people need the experts when they occur. For that reason, Alura offers around the clock 24/7/365 emergency support to all of its customers. If you are not an Alura customer and are in need of emergency assistance call us at 215-721-1122 option 9. One of our skilled experts will return your call to assist with your emergency.


Have questions about your business continuity plans and how Alura can help? Give us a call at 215-721-1122 or click here to contact our support team.

Pricing and Managed Services

We stand by our customers during emergencies which is why we provide our business continuity services as part of our manager service options. If you are interest in our services, click here to find out more.