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Had enough of computer problems? Is your network slow and unreliable? Do some problems just take forever for your IT guy to fix? Alura’s network security audits and assessments help you identify, manage, and reduce your risks. As an expert in Information Systems Auditing, Alura offers a full range of network security audits and assessments including:

• Security vulnerability assessments and audits
• Compliance audits and industry requirements
• Certified Auditor Letter to satisfy customer requests
• Initial and follow-up audit after corrective action
• Enhance information security and asset protection

Network Security Audit and Assessment

Alura reviews your network security and provides you with a Security Assessment Report of our scope, security vulnerabilities, and recommendations to secure your systems. Our Security Action Plan Report provides a prioritized risk response executive summary of tasks that eliminate or reduce your risks.
We’ve been 100% successful in finding threats that others have missed. At Alura, our goal is to make sure you’re protected on every front. That’s why we’re the only firm that can offer unsurpassed assurance that we will find security risks that others have missed.

Certified Auditor Letter

As a Certified Information Systems Auditor, we offer certification that your systems meet minimum security requirements. We provide security assurance to customers and government agencies (FTC, SEC, FFIEC, HIPAA, PCI, FACTA, ITAR, etc.).

Why Alura Network Audit?

We provide you with options, each with its own pricing to provide you with the best value possible. Alura provides:

• Certified Auditor Letter for your clients
• Alura secure seal provides your visitors peace of mind
• Reasonable and competitive rates
• Excellent reputation (see our Testimonials) and many satisfied clients
• Prioritized recommendations to secure your network
• Follow-up assessment – ensure your holes are closed and no new vulnerabilities were created

What’s included in the Audit Report?

Our unique audits identify hidden threats, issues and life-cycle management process in one report. Our reports give you the satisfaction of knowing every single item with how your network is setup and how it works.

Hardware Inventory Summary

Provide a comprehensive record of all hardware (workstations, routers,network printers, switches, and more) discovered by Managed Workplace. Discover the diversity of the environment and identify obsolete equipment.

Software Inventory Summary

Provide a detailed inventory of all applications on each workstation or server, all operating systems and hotfixes, and then identify unauthorized software that needs to be removed or out-of-date software that represents an upgrade opportunity.

Site Device Summary

Get quick access to device, memory, CPU and storage information that can represent up-sell and refresh opportunities.

Windows Licensing Summary

Identify issues with Windows licensing that represent up-sell, compliance or security opportunities, such as illegal or unlicensed copies.

Server Health Summary

Identify all servers and assess Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as installed memory, CPU performance, server uptime and disk utilization.

Workstation Health Summary

Assess KPIs such as CPU uptime and disk utilization for each workstation on the site to identify opportunities for optimization.

Windows Security Audit

Identify all current security issues including missing security updates, weak passwords, and firewall and access vulnerabilities.

Network Services Summary

Identify all services active on all devices, including potential trouble spots such as a webservers with open FTP.


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Pricing and Managed Services

We provide high level network monitoring as part of our manager service options. If you are interest in our services, click here to find out more.