Cyber Security Insurance and Cyber Security

There are many reasons why you should care about Cyber Security Insurance and Cyber Security. According to some Bureau of Justice Statistics, Cyber-attacks identify as “crimes in which the computer system is the target.”  They can manifest themselves through viruses, denial of service attacks, electronic vandalism, sabotage, data theft, and more. Look out for things [...]

Shedding Some Light on Net Neutrality

Lately, you may have heard mutterings of “Net Neutrality” throughout the net, but when you ask about it, all you get in return are varied opinions, unreliable definitions or a bunch of jargon that you can’t understand without a professional degree in software engineering. That is why in this blog segment from Alura Business Solutions, [...]

Know The CryptoLocker Ransomware Trojan & Protect Yourself

What is it? CryptoLocker is malware, or malicious software.  It monitors your computer’s activity through use of a botnet, and then encrypts your files, holding them for ransom through a malicious program.  For this reason, it is known as “ransomware”. A “Botnet” is a group of programs inter-connected through the internet.  They communicate with each [...]

We Are Proud To Announce New & Exciting Improvements To Our Remote Backup and Disaster Recovery Platform!

Hello Everyone, We have some exciting news to share!  Alura Business Solutions is one of the very 1st in our industry to offer a fixed price, unlimited retention cloud backup and disaster recovery model! What does this mean? Well, one of our goals here at Alura has been, and always will be, to offer you [...]

By Understanding Password Safety, You Can Avoid Your Private Cloud from Being Hacked

As industry leaders in IT services, it is our job at Alura Business Solutions to answer the tough questions surrounding the recent celebrity “cloud-hacking” incident that has everyone in an uproar. The main question being: IS MY INFORMATION SAFE ON PRIVATE CLOUD STORAGE SYSTEMS!? First of all, hacking isn’t a new activity. People have been [...]

How to Protect Yourself Against the Heartbleed Bug

First of all, don’t panic. it’s still unclear whether any information has been stolen as a result of Heartbleed, but security experts are particularly worried about the bug because it went undetected for more than two years. Unlike a conventional security breach where malicious attackers break into a site and download a bunch of encrypted [...]

What You Need To Know About Heartbleed

As it turns out, that little lock icon in your browser’s address bar might not be all that great at protecting your private information after all. The Heartbleed bug — here’s an explanation why is is so named — was introduced to OpenSSL about two years ago, but only became public knowledge in the last [...]

The Benefits of a File Transfer/Collaboration Software Solution

There are several reasons you should use an alternative to email for sharing files online: It removes content from email servers. Eliminating email traffic means more responsive email servers, faster message delivery times, slower growth in email storage, lower costs for additional infrastructure, lower IT labor costs, shorter backup windows, and faster restores after a [...]

Why Email Is Not the Best Solution for File Transfer and Project Collaboration

In the more than two decades it has been available to the public, email has become the primary communications medium in most organizations, the dominant method for sending electronic files of all types, and the primary repository for important business content in many organizations. Unfortunately, such reliance on email as the primary method for sharing [...]

Stay Current With Updates

Think of your CMS as a luxury automobile, a complex, finely-tuned machine that works well as long as it is maintained. But miss an oil change or forget to rotate the tires or pass on that new air filter, and pretty soon you’re sitting on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. [...]